Hijab Trade Center in Bandung :
Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru Bandung
If you want to find hijab or Muslim clothing in Bandung, the most interesting recommendations is Pasar Baru Trade Center. We could say this market is indeed a central place for the sale of hijab in Bandung.

Pasar Baru is actually not only offers hijab, but it may be said commodity Muslim clothing is the most dominating in the market which is located at Jl. Otto Iskandardinata, not far from the Railway Station, Bandung. It is a paradise, especially for women using hijab.

In here the variety of headscarves and Muslim clothing is offered in many types, style, quality, and price. The choices are so many -ranging from cheap to expensive. But, generally the prices here are relatively affordable. Hijab style here is available from the classics such as the rectangular model of paris, long scarf-shaped scarf with various motifs, veils that stay put, until the headscarf most instant is here. The model always follows the development of fashion headscarf. One tip if you want to hunt these groceries in Pasar Baru, please do not hesitate to bid! Except, if the row of clothes pins that are mounted in the price of large size, meaning it's already fixed prices.

Pasar Baru is the place virtually Bandung shopping adventurir or exciting. Although it was very crowded and sometimes uncomfortable, this market is still packed with visitors. Malaysia people just the way many who come here. Are also seen foreign tourists only wear an undershirt tangtop want to get hot and crowded in this market.

Shopping here is fun. In addition muslin veil and dress, there are a wide variety of other items and options offered here. Therefore, if you visit here and have a desire to explore all of the goods offered by traders, surely one day is not enough. For that you must be smart and set the heart, what you most need and want when shopping here. If not, you may be hungry eyes, because tempted by cheap prices.

Although since 2001 the New Market Bandung has been made in building a six-storey mall, but the atmosphere like a traditional market is still thick felt. Here are still valid bargaining, the merchants were not only meet the market building in the stalls, many of which sell in the halls of the course. Thus, the atmosphere is not as comfortable as the mall in general. Rather, noisy and boisterous good by the merchants and buyers who even came from abroad, particularly neighboring Malaysia.

Other merchandise in Pasar Baru Bandung
In addition to the hijab, the clothes for veiled women who were not even very many, including clothing for men, a variety of jackets, jeans, and also clothes for children. In addition, the bags start to school children, women, to travel bag is also available here. Likewise, shoes and sandals.

On the upper floors also sold textile materials are generally valuable in italics. As well as mukena prayer materials and rugs, fabrics for bridal kebaya, up to a wedding can be found here. In addition, the housing needs such as curtain, carpet, etc. There is also here. Until such unique Bandung foods-like oncom chips to Arabian food that is generally taken home after Haj (zam-zam water, dates, nuts Arab) also traded here.

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Festive atmosphere of Pasar Baru has been felt since before we get into the building. At the outside of market, we will find the merchants in roadside traders from hoods, clothes, and accessories. If you like the cheap stuff, be in this street vendors. Because, although cheap, goods traders the edge of this quality is also good, in fact almost the same as that offered by traders in the market building.

One important tips when you shop here, be careful with your wallet and purse. Because the atmosphere here was crowded, as far as possible we avoid the ignorant hands. When you are tired of shopping, food court is available on the top floor of the Pasar Baru. Happy shopping!

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