Tourism Object in Bandung

Bandung : Serenity & Beauty that is always missed
Bandung has become one of the attractive tourist destination in Indonesia. This town is not so far from Jakarta, so indeed easy to reach both tourists from overseas and local Indonesia itself. The city is not as busy metropolitan Jakarta, but modernity fused with the natural beauty of the mountains and traditional Sundanese culture --original ethnic in Bandung. Beautiful mountain scenery, the weather is relatively cool,  blend with modern entertainment facilities. Peoples say it is a romantic city such Paris, so it also popular as Parijs van Java city.

Bandung is also one of the fashion center of Indonesia, where many factory outlet become favorit shopping for clothes to be hunted. In addition, in this city full of culinary creativity and renowned cuisine, but the price is relatively cheap.

In addition, these following are some tourist objects that worth to visit anyone during come to Bandung:

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