SK II : The Beauty Secrets of Ageless from Japan

Japanese Actress : Aya Oomasa

This is a very prestigious cosmetic brands that originated from Sunrise State : Japan. The most advanced of the SK II is a magical substance for ageless look called Pitera. But, what is it exactly?

Pitera was first discovered from the manufacture of  unique Japan beverages: Sake. This substance makes the skin of the hands old women who worked at that place still looks young and soft.

In the 1970s, Japanese researchers then examined the phenomenon that was discovered Pitera. A Japanese company, Max Factor and then obtain the copyright to develop it as cosmetics in 1980. They are quite successful and named Max Factor SK II formula.

Having had several times changed ownership, SK II ultimately owned by Procter and Gamble who later popularized the name of SK II. Actually, Pitera contains vitamins, amino acids, mineral, organic acids, polisacharide, and protein (keratin, collagen). Everything is beneficial for our skin.

SK II cosmetics today are diverse. But, of course, skin care products are most sought after. Are you interested? Then, try SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This is a moisture booster that restores skin's natural 28-day renewal cycle, making skin smoother and more radiant. With more than 90% pure Pitera, it is often described as SK-II's "miracle water".

SK II Facial Treatment Essence

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This facial treatment also balances skin's pH, sebum secretion, moisture and oxygen levels,
so the oily areas (usually T-zone) is less oily, while the dry areas are more moisturized. Soothes and refreshes skin from sunburn and burning sensation.

Beside that, there's still many others product that worth to use as face care, such Night Cream Care, Whitening Cream, Eye Cream, such these :

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