Tangkuban Parahu Mountain :
When son falls in love to his own mother

Monument of Forbidden Love : Tangkuban Parahu Mountain
Tangkuban Parahu (means Upside down Boat) Mountain is an iconic place of Bandung, West Java. So, when you come to this city, spend sometime to see it.

There’s an interisting legend story behind it. This mountain is closely related to Sangkuriang legend, a young man who falls in love with his own mother named Dayang Sumbi. Knowing the boy is his son who had been long separated, Dayang Sumbi requires Sangkuriang make the boat just in one night. When his efforts failed, Sangkuriang was angry and kicked the boat, so it landed upside down position. The boat is then formed Mount Tangkuban Parahu -a monument of  forbidden love

Mount Tangkuban Parahu included volcanoes are still active status and always supervised by the Directorate of Indonesia Volcanology. Some of the crater is still showing signs of activity. Among the signs that activity is the appearance of sulfur gases and hot springs at the foot of the mountain, among others in the region Ciater, Subang

This object tourism is located in Lembang, Bandung, about 25 km to the north. The mountain is approximately 2084 meters altitude. Very typical mountain scenery and fascinating, especially when the weather was foggy or cloudy. Many souvenir shops in the vicinity of West Java, renting horses to a walk, and of course food shops.

One of the famous crater here is the Domas Crater. To go into the crater from the summit of Mount Tangkuban boat down the road was a bit slippery and about 1.2 Km. However, once on the Domas crater, we will see an amazing sight. We can see from the activity near the crater, it can even feel the heat of the crater. There are many craters among the rocks. Sulfur smell is quite pungent, but after be familiar it is not problem

Many craters there have water like boiling water. The tourists usually put eggs into the water to cook like a crater boiled. The eggs are inserted in plastic until the submerged crater and fastened to the rocks from falling into the bottom of the crater. How does it feel hard-boiled eggs are cooked with water crater of Mount Tangkuban Boat? Well, try it out, hehe ... Visitors can also soak the feet in the crater that is not too hot.

Come and enjoy this mountain. You will get unforgetable nice memory.

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