American Cowboy Tour Area in Bandung :
De’ Ranch

American Village in Bandung : De'Ranch
Are you an American Minded who loves American country atmosphere complete with horses and all its knick knacks? In Bandung joy like this can be met. Just come to De 'Ranch in Lembang, Bandung.

De 'Ranch is a family travel area 5 hectares which is designed like a rustic style of the American Cowboy. The atmosphere is strongly supported by its location right in the green mountains of the northern city of Bandung, exactly on Jl. Maribaya 17 Lembang, Bandung.

Here, visitors can ride the style of the American Cowboy. Cowboy-style hats and vests are also rented out, not just any horse. If you do not dare to ride a horse alone, can choose to ride a horse carriage driver who completed the course pack. Visitors will ride around the area of ​​prairie grasses such as American country atmosphere.

Not just any horse riding games on offer here, but there are many other options. Among flying fox, water balloons, bicycle track, ATV, and many others-especially for children. These sights are designed for families.

Besides enjoying the rural atmosphere and a variety of American-style game, of course, also be a place De'Ranch culinary arena. There are enough places to eat in a row  De'Ranch. The choices were varied, ranging from westernized
food until  Indonesias food completely offered.

Each visit De'Ranch, visitors will get a free glass of milk. Visitors can choose his favorite milk
flavor such original, strawberry, vanilla or another. A gift shop that sells knickknacks like a cowboy-style hats, boots, vest, etc. There are also here.

There are some rules that apply to visitors De'Ranch. Among the other visitors are prohibited from bringing food and drinks from outside, not allowed to bring firearms, weapons or toys that may harm or interfere with other visitors.

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