Nature Tour : Flower Village Cihideung, Lembang Bandung

Want to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Bandung soothing to the eye, without being too busy and tired? Coming to the flower village Cihideung could be the right choice.

When we arrive at this place which is located at an altitude of 1100 above sea level, the air is cool fresh immediately felt. Cihideung precisely in the Village, District Parongpong Lembang, West Bandung regency. With an area of approximately 50 acres, some eighty percent of the population in this rural farming work with flowers and ornamental plants.

So, take a walk here, our eyes will be pampered with a view of colorful flowers, green plants are lined up along the way and in every home residents. The atmosphere of the countryside in the mountains, combined with the beauty of the flowers and the cool air, a relaxing atmosphere and impressive. Guaranteed, you'll never get bored too.

The flowers are grown here are various. Ranging from local to imported flowers. Variety of cactus plants and aquatic plants also exist here. Prices range from just a few thousand rupiahs to hundreds of thousands.

Ornamental plants and flowers in this Cihideung hired by the vendors interest not only of Bandung but also from various regions, as well as sought by event organizers, hotels, and cafes. Because the prices are relatively cheap and varied choice. Agriculture flowers and ornamental plants here were developed since around 1997.

To achieve these wonderful sights of the city, not too far away. From Jalan Setiabudi, Bandung was only about 5 kilo meters. Or about 20 kilo meters from the center of Bandung to the West (Lembang). Not too far away and inconvenient when compared to other natural attractions such as Maribaya or Tangkuban Parahu mountain.

If you are tired, here are many scattered places to eat / café is also a unique natural shades. You can visit Sapulidi Cafe or Kampung Daun. The food was good the atmosphere was wonderful. But, if the visitor is booming, we have to 'fight' to get a seat at this cafe. After that, if you want to shop a variety of fresh vegetables directly from farmers, the journey can continue to Cigugur Girang Village (west). Here you will see a stretch of garden broccoli, carrots, cabbage, etc.

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