Unique Resto in Bandung :
Sapulidi Cafe

Saung Sapulidi

If you want to enjoy food  in the beautiful countryside and traditional, then Sapulidi Cafe in Bandung is worth to visit. This Restaurant / Cafe, located in the northern city of Bandung this will fulfill what peoples missed about atmosphere of beautiful countryside with a delicious meal of food.

This Cafe is really has unique atmosphere. Here the atmosphere of dining there made like in the middle of rice field arena. Where many trees around it, with small rivers, rocks, water fountain and visitors sit down the floor in Saung. Saung is a place to sit resting a little thatched house, with no walls. Saung this kind usually found in rice fields, where farmers get lunch after work on the farm fields.

No wonder the place is named Sapulidi Eat at Rice Field. Each Saung named in in typical Sundanese, and completed with kentongan (clappers) so visitors can call the waiter with this kentongan. The waiters at this restaurant was dressed in the traditional style of Sunda.

If you do not like sit down the floor at Saung, there are other eating places where visitors can sit in a chair and a table of dishes. However, the atmosphere in the dining hall of this kind remains a traditional Sundanese. Very interesting and fun.

Sundanese Food

The food offered here is very diverse. But of course this is a typical dish Sunda. Start with a different variant of the chicken dishes, a variety of fish with different variants of the food too, and  vegetables such sundanese salad "Karedok",  stir leunca, etc.. Sate (grilled meat pierced) was there. Very affordable / not too expensive. So, while enjoying the beautiful dining atmosphere, you also taste special delicious food. You better come in groups with family or friends, dining atmosphere will be more festive and memorable.

Sapulidi actually not only offers a place to eat. There is also the natural atmosphere of the resort with modern amenities of life offered here. Atmosphere complete with lake and wooden boats.

If you would buy souvenir, here is also available gallery souvenir items. In addition there are a lot of snacks that can be purchased as souvenirs. Sapulidi Cafe is located at Jl. Sersan Bajuri, Complex Graha Puspa Cihideung, Lembang Bandung.

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