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Beauty secret of Korean Women

Song Hye Kyo : Korean Actress
White skin, smooth, and radiant is the beauty of Korean women that most impressive. Apparently, the beauty of it is the result of extra effort Korean women, not instinctive.

Most of us may think, Korean women naturally have white skin like most Japanese or Chinese people are also the same type. However, the beauty of Korean women are even more prominent and distinct. Actually, the beautiful Korean woman who was indeed truly make an extra effort to treat the skin and set appearance.

Korean women are so obsessed with perfection appearance. Thus, they are willing to spend lots of money for beauty and skin care products, even plastic surgery. They want a perfect beautiful appearance from head to toe. Thus, many of them do not want to leave the house, before it felt perfect beauty. To make up daily, there are about 20 products are used.

In addition, there are a few tips and tricks of the Korean women to get their beauty in this following :

1. Skin hygiene
Skin hygiene factors become a priority. Makeup should be cleaned before going to bed at night. When cleaning leather used to wipe  face to the outside and upwards the face,  instead pull vertically upwards and downwards. Wrong direction in sweep  will make the skin and facial muscles become lax.

After cleaning skin, have a time also to massage the face with cream. This will make skin look 'glowing' (luminous), because the massage will accelerate blood circulation, remove dead skin cells, so it is good for skin regeneration. Take facial massage every 2-3 times a week.

Furthermore, given skin tone (refresher) to complete the cleaning process is actually dead skin cells, and the remnants of cream cleanser. Then give the essence / serum skin, and lastly moisturizer.

2. Wearing Enlightenment Products / Skin Lightening
Korean women were felt not quite white with white leather is natural that when compared to the people of Indonesia are generally dark brown. They used to use whitening products / lightening skin to smooth the skin color of white. In fact they are known to spread it in large quantities.

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3. Diligent use Anti Aging and Sunblock
Negative effects of the sun is very aware of Korean women. So they are happy to wear sun protection cream (sun block). Besides anti-aging cream is also diligently applied, even when they were teens (17-18 years).

4. Perfect make-up
This is perhaps not everyone can follow, hehe. Korean women are good at her make-up. To show the beauty of a flawless memorable but generally there are about 20 alluring beauty products used in everyday appearance. Starting from the preparation stage makeup base and foundation (BB Cream), concelear, powder, highlights, eyelashes, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick and blusher.

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The Korean women also prefer dieting to stay slim. In addition, there is a trend lately to paint their hair. Interested to follow the way of Korean women have beauty? Please try.

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